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3 Months 10 Beers – A Grand Slam ~ 4 Beers, 1 Night ALL WINNERS

Friday, October 8th, 2010

My wife and I are on a quest to find her 10 beers over the next 3 months that she can enjoy! We have found very few beers that she has enjoyed. But on this one fun filled night, I hit a grand slam or at least figured out how to introduce new beer to my wife. Granted there will still be beer she doesn’t like, but with some good food and in this case good family I have a leg up. With my beer adventurous in-laws, good food, and some great beer, I think I might have figured it out. (more…)


Helles Schlenkerla Lager

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Smokey, Smokey, Smokey, that is the Schlenkerla Urbock. Probably the smokiest beer I’ve had and also enjoyed.  With several other smoked beers in their line up, I wanted to try the other Schlenkerla beers.  The irony is when I bought this beer, I didn’t realize that there wasn’t smoked malt in the beer.  However it is made in the same kettles as their other smoked beers.schlenterla_helles1



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